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25 réflexions au sujet de « Very Funny Cats 37 »

  1. I won’t say cats are alway perfect, goodness knows how my cat could be so annoying at times. Yet they are still worth it. Let’s face it, cats are cool 🙂

  2. 1:06 that cat is taking a shit. Why do you event take a picture of it?

  3. That last one I was thinking « Monorail cat with docking brakes deployed. »

  4. Iknockturnal BECAUSE it’s meant to be a joke DUHHHHHHH

  5. Lmfao

    When Fluffy said he was dating a real fox we thought……

  6. ***************************************
    Hey, I am aspiring filmmaker and in my free time I have created short comedy sketches with my buddy which are well filmed (in HD too!) and would be grateful to anyone who can watch; most recently the Peanut Butter Bandit series… Part 3 is a great conclusion! Thank you to anyone who can take the time – and if you like what you see please remember to subscribe!

  7. 2:13 – I have those slippers. Funny thing is, they’re s’posed to be kitties, not mice. x3

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