tour de magie “les trois balles mousse”

un petit tour sympa (deviner combien de balles j’ai dans la main) ac-magic.skyrock.com

Another cool video from the master of street magic David Blaine. This time he makes someones card fly into a beer bottle. It is one thing to do magic on a stage. But it is much harder to do it out on the street.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. tu peu me dire comment tu fait an mesage perso stp jaimerais bien epater la famille avec sa je dennorais pas ton truc promis crois moi je sui un homme de parole

  2. très bon tour de magie
    la manipulation est très bien faite.
    et j’aime bien aussi la petite comédie a la fin c cool!!!

  3. @jtmsl oh and btw asshole its because of black people that the united states exists right now allow me to clarify that because i know your to ignorant and stupid to know these things… when ur ancestors the british settlers arrived their bodies weren’t adapted to do labour in tropical conditions so they joined the slave trade using africans to do their work because they were too weak to do it effectively research it and you’ll see what i mean

  4. @ilorvygjm and just by glancing at my channel you can see i can kick your ass in real life soo at the end of the day you would be my bitch weak fuck

  5. @sutro19 lol if ists so obvious that its rigged can u explain how he did it or are u just talking bullshit to sound smart?

  6. @jtmsl hmm glancing at ur channel u seem to be christian yet u spout these rascist comments about black ppl im not surprised most christians are hypocritical freaks anyway and regardless of what u say at the end of the day ur president is black and it’ll be that way for 2 more year rascist fuck

  7. @jtmsl …might as well include asians in there. everythings’ made from either korea or china and the japs have the best economical cars out there. oh and there technology savvy to boot.

  8. The beauty of magic is not the trick itself, its the fact that even though the audience knows its somehow fake, for just a slipt second the magicians ability casts doubt in the viewers minds & makes it seem possible

  9. @Danbo342 guess you have an obsession with banging girlfriends and pointing out that things are “wet wet wet”

  10. @Highairboarder that trick was fake as hell?
    well noooo…. i thought it was magic. i thought that card was brought here by the fairies. stop stating the obvious! magic is fake! but david blaine is good!

  11. shut up people! the art and beauty of david blaine is he does tricks and we dont know how he does them! no its not ”magic” but its genius. its an illusion, and its entertaining! all magic tricks are ‘fake’ but isnt that why they’re good?

  12. @AmidProcrastination Hahaha, I’m really not 🙂
    I just get tired of all the fake fake fake crap is all.
    Obviously it’s fake, that’s not the point.
    It’s like looking at a video of the ocean and having everyone say “It’s wet, it’s wet!!!”

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