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(c) Square-Enix / Nobuo Uematsu Final Fantasy VII Piano Collections No sheet music requests please. ——————————- Aerith’s Theme was the second piece I played from Final Fantasy half a year ago, right after Tifa’s Theme. I still remember how heartstricken I was when I first heard it. Simply undescribable. An unique piece. Enjoy!
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  1. quezacotlful dit :

    @khfanforever129 are fisting me really?

  2. quezacotlful dit :

    @khfanforever129 are fisting me rally?

  3. mudkipz4joo dit :

    No matter how many times I listen to this I will never get tired of it

  4. Filmg33kproductions dit :

    Me and my fiance are getting married to this song

  5. NMSPamhagen dit :

    Great played this song! I wish I could play it too.
    I have found another beautiful Video from Arkton – Final Fantasy X-2 – Akagi Party – it’s a wonderful song very difficult to play but Arkton played it perfect !

  6. Fantasyloveful dit :

    36 never play to FF7, this is the first game who made me cry when Aerith died. She is gone too fast, that’s why this song is the mix of all the feelings we get when we see for the first time the death of Aerith. 3 things.
    1: You play this song so beautiful, and i always cry when i hear your video.
    2: 36 people have no hearth.
    3: I have a partition of Aerith theme but mine is too different for me… can u send me your partition. I can play as you but it’s just for the beauty of this song.

  7. EmmettGoldstein dit :

    @khfanforever129 It makes sense lmao

  8. XeroMaano dit :

    @khfanforever129 I bet when you started to have sex the Victory fanfare from FF7 started to play in your mind =O

  9. THismydream12 dit :

    i can play this song, but not with as much passion and love you put in it. its beautiful :’) i could listen to it all night long

  10. Becir4lyfe dit :

    Very done. I’m learning dear friends right now, and I’m going to attempt this after

  11. AeonsSpirit dit :

    @MrRiceBunny all i was asking is that you stop bashing people…and i play runescape on my spare time..i have a life. i play games in general on my spare time. if you’ve noticed. i haven’t made any video’s for awhile..reasons being that i havent had time to make them. and that my hypercam trial ran out;;…so ill have to buy it. im not sure why you like bashing people…all im asking is that you stop bashing them for no apparent reason..it doesn’t make sense. so if you will. please don’t..

  12. karremania dit :

    Can you guys just like.. shut up and just enjoy the song?

  13. MrRiceBunny dit :

    uhmmm. Ahahaha! i especially don’t want to hear that from a frickin RuneScape DORK. Your girls probably hella ugly to begin with so i really dont give a fk about your opinion. I don’t accept haters, I am a hater. So back the fk up and keep playing that runescape shiet. get a life.

  14. AeonsSpirit dit :

    @ahhgosh1 im stunned as to why everyone is bashing khfanforever. just leave him alone. the youtube comment section is used for sharing your thoughts. not bashing other people. thats what private messaging is for. so please, ill ask of you. stop bashing people.

  15. AeonsSpirit dit :

    @MrRiceBunny how do you know that he is lying? if his girlfriend is like mine, she’s sensitive, and likes stuff like this…so she’d cry because how good it is. the sex part…well he got lucky haha. but there’s no need to blow up over a comment…so if you will. please calm down.

  16. aepik dit :

    Honestly brought a tear to my eye at how beautiful this is. Thanks for the upload!

  17. MrRiceBunny dit :

    Best I’ve seen on the internet so far. I was stunned, I would’ve thought this was fake and you just played the mp3 along with the video, but wow. You’re really talented, sounds amazing, and perfect tempo. I was wondering if you could send me those sheets, I don’t trust many sites when it comes to sheeting the songs, Most of the time its a key off, or the notes are different from the song. Please and thanks, MrRiceBunny@yahoo.com

  18. MrRiceBunny dit :

    oh whatever dude. ahaha are you like in middle school or something?… GF, and mentioning sex? the fuck? and what the hell kinda username is khfanforever129? I don’t understand any piano song that can make your girlfriend cry, unless she truly appreciates music, and it was a beautiful song composed yourself. There’s nobody to impress on the internet kid. All i’m saying. And i can bet all the money in the world that you’ve never had a girlfriend before. Nice Profile, Mr.SexMan.

  19. atriuo dit :

    @rooo1o youre jealous cuz you have neither.

  20. aznmetalmunkey dit :


    Those are some epic words there my man, Best comment I have read since youtube was born.

  21. rooo1o dit :

    @mikemoseley i was speaking in third person btw, not speaking directly to you.

  22. rooo1o dit :

    @mikemoseley I do too, but not just to “get some” from your girl. treat your girl with respect, not like a hooker.

  23. mikemoseley dit :

    Thank you so much for making these videos. It reminds me of days where I had less worries. Get home from school and throw Final Fantasy on. Worst that could happen in my life was Mum would tell me I need to do homework.

  24. mikemoseley dit :

    @rooo1o I would like to think people use the piano to cultivate a loving relationship. Show someone how much love they dedicated to something other than themself. Proving their ability to love another person

  25. rooo1o dit :

    @canolavanska it seems easy to him in the video but look at those fingers of his!!

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