25 réflexions au sujet de « Surprised Kitty (Original) »

  1. Acually, if you look co za asy up on google translate it means « What an ace »!

  2. awww! a reeeallly cute one is the one where a dog is taught how to rap and does it, sooo funny XD
    fiind it by goin here.. then click very fiirst clip-
    ‘ » rap,, book,, dog  » »

  3. there is no reason to dislike this video

  4. @jedfilms7 yeah but it’s funny because of RWJ

  5. Stop with « co za asy », it means « what an a** »

  6. How can anyone not like this video, it’s so precious! I just want to cuddle the kitten so cute, so cute!

  7. naaaaaw that kat is gonna grow up to be a robber

  8. omfg i must have seen this like a million times 😛

  9. I can`t stop watching this, this is tooo cute 🙂

  10. @AvidElephant no she said « You Look Like A Little Monkey


  12. CAT POO HAS BEEN FOUND ON A DISTSNT PLANET !!! the unbelievable truth is in the video spacecat 175

  13. soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute

  14. Ppl plz stop asking for thumbs up.
    I lost both my thumbs in a car accident.
    It offends me whenever ppl ask for thumbs up.

  15. watch this video:

  16. @ReverendDiabetes
    watch this video:

  17. is she saying « you look like a little honky » meaning white person?

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