Slash – Fall To Pieces, Vicar Street, Dublin, 2010 [HD]

Slash and Co. playing Velvet Revolvers ‘Fall To Pieces’ in Vicar Street, Dublin. June 29th, 2010. The band are; Slash – Guitar Myles Kennedy – Vocals Bobby Schneck – Rhythym Guitar Todd Kerns – Bass Brent Fitz – Drums

111 pieces of Barbie Doll House Lights and Sound furniture. Not Mattel brand but fits Barbie dolls. Uses AA batteries.

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20 réactions à Slash – Fall To Pieces, Vicar Street, Dublin, 2010 [HD]

  1. punkc4 a écrit:

    slash rocks velvet revolver,guns n roses and myles kenndy

  2. hmmyer a écrit:

    Oh man that solo has always touched my soul !

  3. tamasg79 a écrit:

    I missed that concert. Sh”””t!!!!!!!!!

  4. PaulaaParorexiaa a écrit:

    best gig ever

  5. MrCatstail a écrit:

    Great post.

  6. shebafay a écrit:

    this was my fave song of the night. thanks for sharing

  7. Woodzy87 a écrit:

    @BoatmanCalling yeah man it was amazing, Ive seen him three times and i think that was his best! It was so much more personal, the kind of gigs you see in the states, you know the ones where someone really big plays a nice intimate venue… I never thought we’d get one because normally when these types of acts come to play they are thrown onto a stage at least the size of the ambassador!

  8. IrelandCaptured a écrit:

    Ahhh, I knew I recognized it 😉

    I’m using a TZ10 for mine.

  9. BoatmanCalling a écrit:


    Cool, It was really packed up at the balcony, Didn’t think it would’ve been that bad. It was a great night.

  10. BoatmanCalling a écrit:


    I should have put that in the info. It’s the Lumix TZ7. Great for gigs!

  11. Woodzy87 a écrit:

    Hey man i was right beside you!!! hahaha Small world!!

  12. IrelandCaptured a écrit:

    What camera you using?

    Cheers for the upload.

  13. priscilla001000 a écrit:

    where did you get THAT. its soooooooooo cool! i want it. plz answer

  14. krystalgirl123456789 a écrit:

    @katiewhitley174 it’s barbie brand furniture but the chairs are not (i know when i was about 4 i got all that except the bed and those dinning chairs)

  15. hellokitty120120 a écrit:

    put ur hand over ur mouth and then make a wish and then put it on ur hart do this coment to 5 other coments and tmorro will be the bst day of ur life

  16. sugarberry123 a écrit:

    where do you get it

  17. Spoiledbrat658 a écrit:

    OHH OHH YAH !!

    Its Really Fun.

  18. katiewhitley174 a écrit:

    it’s not barbie brand furniture but is it Gloria brand?

  19. Xoxichtl a écrit:

    How cool. I think you guys should include a link too… I followed your ebay link to YT.

  20. Dissonant1975 a écrit:

    you guys should put a link to your ebay page here as well.

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