www.simonscat.com – A hungry cat resorts to increasingly desperate measures to gain its owner’s attention.
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  1. jimbowie09 dit :

    “Simon the Cat” is Everywhere!

  2. TheRarehuman dit :

    based on reality this is awesome.

  3. vfnhcujvj dit :


  4. flapflap6179 dit :

    Tht was funny!

  5. LOVEHISTORY18 dit :

    IF i were the man.i would do something ……..

  6. 9Bioman dit :

    sounds like gary from spongebob

  7. horrorwriter15 dit :

    893 people (excluding me )would rather watch Monday Night Football than feed their cat

  8. bananamansouth dit :


  9. petersonlyndsey dit :

    I LOVE THIS CAT!! <3

  10. darcyraesongs dit :

    my cat Twiggy was so much like this:) so many memories, sadly he got hit by a cat a few months ago:( but these videos cheer me up whenever i feel down:) gotta love Simon’s Cat:)

  11. Augustmoon281 dit :

    I think my cat and you’re cat would get along well, she is always annoying people, especially when they are drinking beer *mutters angrily about brand new couch stinking of booze*

  12. XDefl dit :


  13. nakedstudiopty dit :

    LOL @ 0:38. That’s exactly what our kitty did at 4 months old. Now almost 6 months old, he is too big to sit on hubby’s shoulder.

  14. kakay47 dit :

    lol the cats said 46 to 56 baw baw baw XD

  15. nadoww131183 dit :

    hahaha so true

  16. LuxKebab dit :

    1:43 Fail xD

  17. TheLisaa91 dit :

    Crazy Cat ♥

  18. mila1707ful dit :

    i want that cat

  19. MaraMausi202 dit :

    das ist sowas von süß xDD

  20. AlieMey dit :

    This is soooo true!!! XDD

  21. kleinakruemel dit :

    so bestimmt die katze wo´s langgeht xD

  22. ayezat98 dit :

    this is why i love cats 😀

  23. MrNicktheparakeet dit :

    @Meemzeesh really, i would date simons cat

  24. Meemzeesh dit :

    mmm. I’d date simon.

  25. Spott3dleaf dit :

    i want that cat :3

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