Now don’t let the corny opening fool you, this is surely the most hilarious cat video you will ever see in your life. Woooo, 8 million views for a silly thing I put together in a few hours! Thanks everyone! THESE ARE FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS BY PEOPLE WHO SEND ME MESSAGES ABOUT THIS VIDEO, I GET TONS: THE CAT ON THE FAN: is fine. In fact, it’s more than fine, it doesn’t even exist. It was a computer-gernerated video made for some commercial. I think Nokia. THE MUSIC: is based on the very well known Pachelbel’s Canon, written in the 1600’s by a guy named Johann Pachelbel. There are loads of versions, mostly classical. The rock version was arranged by Jerry Chang: But Funtwo did the best known cover version: A big thanks to Arripay for finding all the links 🙂 TO CONTACT ME: SEND ME A MESSAGE. I also DO NOT accept random friend requests or the whole « sub to me i’ll sub to you » thing. But I do love meeting new peeps so don’t be discouraged to say hey!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 réflexions au sujet de « Probably the Funniest Cat Video You’ll Ever See »

  1. I actually think this video sucked. The music doesn’t fit the funny mood trying to be set, and you cut so many clips that all the intended humor is gone. Such as when the cat’s in the chair and it attacks the baby. You cut it off there, but the baby actually looks at the camera with this scared/surprised look on its face.

    So overall, didn’t like this.

  2. 1:22 is hella cute lol, he was about to roy jones jr. the big one

  3. o my gosh this is the funnyest movie ever sent link to ALL MY FRENDS

  4. @TheMrWheels its canon in d on guitar by pachelbel my friend! peace!

  5. probably the best video about cats on youtube!!! it’s so great 😀

  6. Videos like these are always the cure for a bad day. Thank you.

  7. nice with the ending wen he is just laying down on his back XD

  8. I’ve seen most of it, but it’s still hilarious… And i like how well you timed the music…

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