Mon chaton drôle

Mon minou qui s’amuse à la vue de mes doigts qui bougent!
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  1. haha very funny video! i have a 7 month old kitten who loooves water, but i have never seen it to that extreme of putting his head in it! He loves drinking from the faucet and drinks water like crazy!!! its weird to me cuz any other cats i have had have never done that! he even puts both his feet in the water dish! weird but funny!

  2. @PawelKolasa Not necessarily from thirst. Some cats develop a neurotic need for water. I have bowls of it in several places, and I have one cat who will not drink out of them at all. He insists on drinking running water from the faucet. What’s worse is my other cats have watched him and now they ALL want the running water option. Sometimes if you buy a cat fountain that bubbles water(with a pump) you can get them to stay out of the sink!

  3. @pmidz not fake….many cats love water! There is even a rare cat in Viet Nam called the fishing cat, who loves water and spends much of its time IN the water!

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