Les chats en folie !

Les chats en folie !

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  1. le chat qui deboule les escaliers est excellent je n’ai pas d’autres mot c’est trop marrant!!

  2. pff franchement le chat dans la baignoire c’est pas drole !! (appart au début quand il se laisse tiré lol ) mais celui ki a filmer aurai du tout de suite le sauver le pauvre >=(

  3. C’est drôle, mais sérieusement quand le petit tire le chat dans la baignoire, au lieu de rigoler, faudrai sortir ce pauvre chaton de là quoi. :/

  4. @vPanya Oh never mind, my mistake, that’s my calling credit apparently! Nice! I thought we had to pay calling from Canada to US.

  5. @vPanya Well every time i open the thing it has like $0.10 on the top header, we just talked for like 20 seconds to test it out. So I imagine it’s 10 cents per minute for a cell phone call?

  6. @kirbyblue100 As for right now, it is free to make calls within the US (I have tried it). But I think that I saw that it will only last for 2010. Not sure though.

  7. I called my friend in Boston yesterday, from Canada on her cellphone and I got charged. Isn’t it supposed to be free within US and Canada? Or is it only from US to Canada that’s free?

  8. @adicyber Is that true of Skype, too? Maybe Google has no control over this, as it may be regulated by the telecommunications authorities of the call-destination country. I’ve used Skype in the U.S. to call land lines in Canada, but since both Canada and the U.S. use country code “1”, it’s not like an international call between, say, the U.S. and France, so I’ve never seen charges applied to incomplete calls.

  9. @leaba It’s free anywhere in the world when used computer-to-computer, just like Skype. The fees only apply when calling land line or cell phone numbers, and video conferencing wouldn’t work in those cases, anyway.

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