Lance Burton performs what is possibly the most beautiful slight of hand magic routine ever performed for the camera. A masterful act. ================================== Exposure comments will not be approved. ==================================
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  1. I know where the doves and candles come from, and I know when he does the move, but I’m damned if I can spot the actual motion. Lance is my favourite magician on the circuit at the moment, and with good reason. If I become even half as good as he is, I’d feel accomplished…

  2. I must say I can spot most slight of hand tricks the first 2 doves come out of his sleeves but after watching like 10 times still don’t see where the 3rd comes from.

  3. @midniter72 – there always a distraction in sleight of hand. Don’t watch the superflous detail, watch the overall movements of his hands and you’ll see what’s happening. I agree 100%, he is an extremely talented illusionist.

  4. Damn… i downloaded this video and moved the image slowly between 1:48 and 1:49, frame-frame, but that candle is just appearing in his hand! He is a good illusionist.

  5. I’m actually working on my Candle routine, and this is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO hard to do!

  6. I’m pretty good at understanding sleight of hand but this is damn advanced

  7. If you watch this video is never forgotten very relaxing..LOL

  8. where can i get this clip i would love to have a dvd of lance’s magic does anyone know where i can buy one or did they even make any thanks
    John Stingray

  9. lance burton,爱死你了,偶像!
    gentle man in magic

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