Lance Burton performs what is possibly the most beautiful slight of hand magic routine ever performed for the camera. A masterful act. ================================== Exposure comments will not be approved. ==================================
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  1. MisterMikes dit :

    @midniter72 yeah, what the fuck? it’s insane

  2. HaRaTiO4286 dit :

    @miamimagicians not really.

  3. HaRaTiO4286 dit :

    @miamimagicians not really.

  4. NekoBazu dit :

    I know where the doves and candles come from, and I know when he does the move, but I’m damned if I can spot the actual motion. Lance is my favourite magician on the circuit at the moment, and with good reason. If I become even half as good as he is, I’d feel accomplished…

  5. deathstar0ne dit :

    I must say I can spot most slight of hand tricks the first 2 doves come out of his sleeves but after watching like 10 times still don’t see where the 3rd comes from.

  6. opalxxx dit :

    out on his mouth u dambass

  7. 12345chessking12345 dit :

    @midniter72 – there always a distraction in sleight of hand. Don’t watch the superflous detail, watch the overall movements of his hands and you’ll see what’s happening. I agree 100%, he is an extremely talented illusionist.

  8. MaNuelKuN74 dit :

    where the doves come from? damn it, i don´t know…..

  9. gentsukiankou dit :

    What is the name of song?

  10. dunnobutwayne dit :

    the smoke…

  11. midniter72 dit :

    Damn… i downloaded this video and moved the image slowly between 1:48 and 1:49, frame-frame, but that candle is just appearing in his hand! He is a good illusionist.

  12. miamimagicians dit :

    I’m actually working on my Candle routine, and this is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO hard to do!

  13. TimTehPilot dit :

    I’m pretty good at understanding sleight of hand but this is damn advanced

  14. illusionists1 dit :

    If you watch this video is never forgotten very relaxing..LOL

  15. stunningstingray dit :

    where can i get this clip i would love to have a dvd of lance’s magic does anyone know where i can buy one or did they even make any thanks
    John Stingray

  16. carlosuriarte1 dit :

    What is the name of the song?

  17. leodotnet dit :

    lance burton,爱死你了,偶像!
    gentle man in magic

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