Funny Cats vs. Funny Dogs

FUNNY !!!!!!!!

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50 réactions à Funny Cats vs. Funny Dogs

  1. Pingynator a écrit:


  2. Joemamma69000 a écrit:

    Okay voting:

    Like if you like cats
    Dislike if you like dogs

    Cat Votes 4,091
    Dog Votes 115

    Cats Win

  3. Joemamma69000 a écrit:

    I’d own any animal that doesn’t chew up my FREAKING DS!

  4. thewhitegiant15 a écrit:

    wote song is in the end

  5. jermayne16 a écrit:

    this song sukks

  6. MiissStylaa a écrit:

    soo cooL

  7. dimeforce a écrit:

    5:44 white dog is so loool

  8. BRYCEIZGOOD a écrit:

    go dogz and catsffffffffffffffffffffffffffdd

  9. BRYCEIZGOOD a écrit:

    go dogz and cats

  10. blillie710 a écrit:


  11. Thevacationholiday a écrit:

    i know already !!!

  12. Thevacationholiday a écrit:

    what is the songs name???? please answer i know this song

  13. Canoabo1 a écrit:

    I never get tired of this GREAT video it’s an AAA+++

  14. hangtight97 a écrit:

    2:11, okay i know lady gagas a dog but seriouslly!
    wanna inbreed? HAHA XD!

  15. Aintnogirlygirl a écrit:

    I love how the cats don’t realize that the table ends and they will fall 😛

  16. roadrunnerhale a écrit:

    3:52 ambushed baby

  17. roadrunnerhale a écrit:

    3:52 ambused baby

  18. frosty9669 a écrit:

    this video is hilarious

  19. kaykitten1 a écrit:

    i love this its so cuite

  20. TheOVERLOOKERS a écrit:

    i like the video

  21. gameasertm a écrit:

    dat carpet fake u no i was in makin

  22. kacpereksisi a écrit:

    Ahhahahahahah !!! Nice cat and dog !!! 10005-5!!!

  23. CuteLittleTigerCub a écrit:


  24. sat590590 a écrit:

    omg 3:08 – 3:12 omg

  25. jubblz17 a écrit:


  26. aramilalpha a écrit:

    0:45 just before lawyer cat… its stoner cat.

  27. icametorock1 a écrit:

    rofl at 1:30 NNNIIIIIIINNNNNJJJAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!

  28. MrSupremeAwesomeness a écrit:

    @beezybeast101 sicko .

  29. tonamoad49 a écrit:

    hu looking for a man that would give me some experience.

  30. eminem9031 a écrit:

    U no wen it sed put your hands up in the air me and ma sis was doin it

  31. CookieMonsterPowerx3 a écrit:

    The picture where the cat is invisible accordian it should’ve been it was disss big!
    An lol video

  32. EAONG00 a écrit:

    smart cat 1:52

  33. channyandseddiefan a écrit:

    lol wouldn’t it be funny if girls just walked around with kitty boobs? lol I’d get a pair!

  34. suttonluvsalberta a écrit:

    Love cats ma fav animal lov this vid!!!!!!

  35. RoCkbunny769 a écrit:

    i was lied to… -_-

  36. carsonrocks361 a écrit:

    @beezybeast101 lol

  37. cherrybomb81478 a écrit:

    What’s the deal with the weirdo putting cats in her bra? Nasty! Some of the pics were cute though.

  38. poricocoo a écrit:


  39. thejazzyb123 a écrit:

    ”i farted” lol

  40. thevoodoovulture a écrit:

    @beezybeast101 SAME :'(

  41. blood2831 a écrit:

    @socks880 i want to be that cat to

  42. 1The1Choosen1One1 a écrit:

    @beezybeast101 yeah i hate that cat now >:T

  43. DerKleineOetzi a écrit:

    Leave Britney Alone xD LOL

  44. SlyCooperRuler a écrit:

    Transformer kitteh IS amused!!!

  45. beastyboy2008 a écrit:

    funny vid lols

  46. kaltopsyd a écrit:


  47. animedrawer777 a écrit:

    This is the 5th video of yours that has a pervish cat hugging you know what. I blame Youtube’s staff for all the veiwers for some of the Rick Roll vids -_-

  48. bubbelut a écrit:

    Anything with cats always over 10 mil views

  49. SuperFunnyRandomVid a écrit:

    1:52 PERV KITTEH BLALALALALALALA… lol it’s funny.

  50. cashin2134 a écrit:

    lol at: :24

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