Funny cat video montage. I filmed everything over several years. Shows 10 different cats in dozens of funny and cute clips! Enjoy! Audio from Kinder Atom. Song – Japan Cakes.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. @warfreak1111 Raven paw is from Warriors, you faggot ass bitch mother fucker

  2. omg the cat asleep on top of the destroyed paper towels is the best.
    i have had many cats do that!!

  3. @krazysam1011 who the fuck is raven paw faggot ass bitch mother fucker

  4. Finally! A montage of cat videos that isn’t compiled from everyone else’s clips and montages! Your cats are awesome!

  5. xDD ravenpaw is telling lionheart to get out of the chips xDD

  6. New Cats and Dogs Home Video Chanel Brought to u from Ireland.

    Click my name and dont forget to sub…….

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