funny cats
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  1. INEEDYOUP1 dit :

    i love the kitty eating the banana. :)

  2. msAZERI89 dit :

    sweet cats))

  3. pirate376 dit :

    They stole my Cat!

  4. hughdp dit :


  5. loniusa2010 dit :

    you make me laght

  6. hannahdaynasavannah dit :

    it is so cute

  7. Cutiecattail dit :

    0:38, eheeee! So cute aha 😛

  8. Thecoolgirl369 dit :

    Very funny ha ha ha lol so so funny.

  9. sarah83370 dit :

    thats funny

  10. CheesyCheetah dit :

    Check out my kitty porn on my channel. I got tons of funny cat videos. My cat is a trip.

  11. 777777777510 dit :


  12. bandroadie1 dit :

    creepiest video with out music EVER

  13. TMtricks dit :

    0:54 very cute 😀

  14. HDCYTFAN dit :

    4:54 spongebobsquarepants on the right of the screen.

  15. beantje35 dit :

    like cats

  16. rocklegend36 dit :

    I can not believe it, but the one with the black and white cat the black kitten by the cars wheel is IDENTICLE, to my cats Charlie and kitten Polly!!!!!!!

  17. RockMo0n379 dit :

    burger king lol

  18. zanella1995 dit :

    I love gats

  19. 7786777777777777 dit :

    @XmyswaggerX one of my cat will do that if you pet him.

  20. 7786777777777777 dit :

    @XmyswaggerX one of my cat will do that if you pet him.

  21. xXTINMAN666Xx dit :

    0:26 i think its japanese cat haha

  22. Bartlett193 dit :

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  23. toonmama6 dit :

    i think i just got cutified

  24. XmyswaggerX dit :

    was too cutee(;

  25. lilttlekevin89 dit :

    omg. at 3:43, the cat looks EXACTLY like my cat. wait… wait…. nope, the neck is slightly different. sorry :-)

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