I would like to share this funny video, because they are so sweet and also fool 🙂

funny cats
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  1. that first cat…..what a dick even by kitty cat standards.


  3. omg all so funny my fav is the trampoline cat then the cat wit the acr thing he got ran oer ROFL is this ur real cat vids or wat this is funny!!!

  4. kitten in a chicken is bed and breakfast.
    *for the kitten of course*

  5. i lovee kitties… it just makes me sad when they get hurt…

  6. 0:45 Left cat: Hahaha Right cat: Yeah Oh, SH** Left cat: Hahaha you fell ahh mother fu– **CRASH

  7. i wonder what would have happened if the last cat had gotten stuck

  8. LOL that last cat was goin’ in to rape the girl that lived in the house!!!!!!!

  9. i love this video lol this is my video gag you can see him on youtube.com/watch?v=ca_J161qnK8 copy the link if you like yan can be a fan on my facebbok page .facebook.com/pages/Videos-de-david-vourch/120823747969974?v=wall&ref=ts copy the link thank you

  10. its weird how a cat can just be walking along and then do a summersault.

  11. i think that if u wanna have summin to laugh bout in ur house,,, hav a cat,,, they do such funny stuff!!!!x

  12. It wierd, no matter what crazy stunts these cats do, they always land on their feet!!!!!

  13. @watevyo2b8: i agree.we need more people in this cruel world like u

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