I would like to share this funny video, because they are so sweet and also fool :)

funny cats
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  1. elvishskills dit :

    that first cat…..what a dick even by kitty cat standards.

  2. morrisseau123 dit :

    lol i love this vid. it was one of my favorites!!!

  3. shierams dit :

    hehehhee….funny cats

  4. jujubeen1 dit :


  5. gypsydreamer09 dit :

    i was on the floor laughing at the cat on 0:40! lol

  6. colt0031 dit :

    (○.○) Lol

  7. LukeWhitaker dit :

    first cat is a dick. lol

  8. kotonaiishida dit :

    OMG the cat got into the turkey ?

  9. pikachuluver796 dit :

    omg all so funny my fav is the trampoline cat then the cat wit the acr thing he got ran oer ROFL is this ur real cat vids or wat this is funny!!!

  10. themroskarproduction dit :

    watch my cat video

  11. ReptileCraZer dit :

    kitten in a chicken is bed and breakfast.
    *for the kitten of course*

  12. TheNightCats dit :

    I nearly wet myself laughing!

  13. LadyHeyoka dit :

    Great video!!

  14. Kshelton04ify dit :


  15. vampiregirl777nl dit :

    i lovee kitties… it just makes me sad when they get hurt…

  16. CHARIZORD7 dit :

    the one chasing its tail looks excatly like my cat

  17. stalkerinthewoods dit :

    that is funny

  18. tintina88 dit :

    0:48-0:52 HAHAHA xD

  19. UBTUNE dit :


  20. trekfreak007 dit :

    Cat on waterbed. XD

  21. blastoiserocks dit :



  22. The682che dit :

    0:45 Left cat: Hahaha Right cat: Yeah Oh, SH** Left cat: Hahaha you fell ahh mother fu– **CRASH

  23. aidarulesthud dit :

    lol at :50 … i like the song too

  24. pikinhaRS dit :

    chorei de rir com esse !

    THE BEST !

  25. LizzielovesM dit :

    i wonder what would have happened if the last cat had gotten stuck

  26. OMGIHavnoname dit :

    LOL that last cat was goin’ in to rape the girl that lived in the house!!!!!!!

  27. davidmartinique1 dit :

    i love this video lol this is my video gag you can see him on youtube.com/watch?v=ca_J161qnK8 copy the link if you like yan can be a fan on my facebbok page .facebook.com/pages/Videos-de-david-vourch/120823747969974?v=wall&ref=ts copy the link thank you

  28. EstelaHiyori4610 dit :

    aww the cats r so cute ^w^

  29. cholaNceli408 dit :

    for realz haha this sum shit u gota watch blown lol

  30. RodiZel7 dit :

    Oh shit! At 1:10 the cats is stoked!

  31. megabowzer dit :

    I love cats…:)

  32. TheDangerStudios dit :

    its weird how a cat can just be walking along and then do a summersault.

  33. marleyb0820 dit :

    my cat always sleep like that

  34. thelastgarlicfinger2 dit :

    0:38 – LOL At Teh Cat Eating Melon xD

  35. dragan563 dit :

    0:33 is the best part lol

  36. bethyrokz dit :

    i think that if u wanna have summin to laugh bout in ur house,,, hav a cat,,, they do such funny stuff!!!!x

  37. InuFannie dit :

    my cat does the same as the first cat 😀

  38. lizbeth131000 dit :

    all ya gayy

  39. MrBobbie111 dit :

    lol love it

  40. LopunnyPNTM101 dit :

    It wierd, no matter what crazy stunts these cats do, they always land on their feet!!!!!

  41. TubieNewbie4u dit :

    great video lol

  42. Kaitlyn481 dit :

    thats so funny

  43. hellohafiz dit :


  44. susun1972 dit :

    @watevyo2b8: i agree.we need more people in this cruel world like u

  45. susun1972 dit :


  46. susun1972 dit :

    i <3 cats

  47. sosweet543 dit :

    wow thats not even funny

  48. Nikki30655 dit :

    I love the funny cats from autum3554

  49. nedron54 dit :

    lol very very funny! hahahahaha (:

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