Funny Cats

it’s soo funny 😀 audio content is licensed by UMG Song 1: Gioachino Rossini – The Thieving Magpie Song 2: The Presidents of the United States of America – Kitty Song 3: The Nutcracker Song 4: Smash Mouth – All Star Song 5: The Wiseguys – Ooh La La PS: i will ignore messages whit the subject “Business Proposal Regarding Your YouTube Videos”
Video Rating: 4 / 5

funny cats Sorry but I do not know the name of the song (thanks to reverso.net :p)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 réactions à Funny Cats

  1. MrTTE1 a écrit:

    wow u have alot of cats

  2. mitch3325 a écrit:


  3. kasolass a écrit:

    second song name?

  4. Sar4h91 a écrit:

    1:54 woooow i recognize that!! my cat did the same thing 😉

  5. Sitslikeinu a écrit:

    3:35 is very funny. We had a cat that looked just like that. She liked to chew on my mom’s hair and thus would end up eating some. Let’s just say when she went to use her litter box, not everything stayed in the box. She flopped and flailed around until my mom could get some tissue, hold her down, and help remove the nasty thing that was slapping her in her hindquarters. Kind of gross and I’m sorry, but it was also very funny!

  6. bigjaybee1 a écrit:

    so funny i am loving it 🙂

  7. lancerkind a écrit:

    Nice collection of three sets of funny cat vids. The pacing between cats is very good.

  8. tecinnamon a écrit:


  9. TheNuKeZz a écrit:

    Kid got pwned at 1:10 and 2:15 Lol 🙂

  10. jimmyptm a écrit:

    hahaha 2:29 ..

  11. sruthi9421 a écrit:

    wow good

  12. kawisoh17 a écrit:

    wow all these owners that are filming aree kinda mean! i mean they just let their cats get hurt and i dont find it at all funny when animals get hurt :/ ,,,my opinion.

  13. AykoKinai a écrit:

    I really luv cats…

  14. wildhorse8981 a écrit:

    that… is… so… funny! hilarious!

  15. dakittehful a écrit:

    lol epic cat action

  16. Suckmykiss20 a écrit:

    It kinda gets boring once the Shrek song starts

  17. LveJacob a écrit:


  18. SoGesus a écrit:


  19. JimmyPtheman a écrit:

    4:38 is awesome! lol

  20. bgoodman7982 a écrit:

    this makes me so happy! lol

  21. cheech1126says a écrit:

    wish my cat could play ping pong

  22. jonathansymes2 a écrit:

    2:11 LMFAO HAHA

  23. dopestballa a écrit:


  24. tealord a écrit:

    smash mouth sucks

  25. Peronik123 a écrit:

    @ 3:28 :D:D:D:D:D:D:D OMG!!!!!!!!

  26. nilrem961 a écrit:

    good vid, crap music

  27. funnycreep a écrit:

    2:17 was soo funny, “nooo” XD

  28. SaraCatx a écrit:

    I had to cover my ears the song is just plain shouting ! XD

  29. holly13000 a écrit:

    the one that was touching the man is cute my cat always meows and touches me at the table

  30. sweetjesusaghost a écrit:

    Check out TheSiblingRivals! They are awesome!

  31. hoopbreaker a écrit:

    this is Japanese song

  32. aksoccer1000 a écrit:

    this song gets really annoying really fast!

  33. stork101 a écrit:

    The cat at 1:13 looks like a giant hamster lmfao.

  34. eighttypesofcrazy23 a écrit:

    cat at 0:32 was like, “”leht me eyn. I can has air conditioning too!!!”

  35. PhillysFinest27 a écrit:


  36. Cabage4ever a écrit:

    Spoof cute if u don’t like cats like realy see a docter

  37. pwaam a écrit:

    check out my channel for funny cat vids

  38. skillmaster88 a écrit:

    this song fucking sucks holy shit the cats are funny tho

  39. Servalsrock a écrit:

    this would have been funny if I was 7 or something but not any more

  40. conoritania a écrit:

    wow i love this song but im trying to find out wot it iz, somebody help me!!

  41. PuffiCherri a écrit:

    At 2:28 It looks like my cat fluffy!

  42. gamemaniac575 a écrit:

    any body who doesnt like cats are evil thumbs up if u agrea

  43. OreoCrumbles a écrit:

    The cat putting on the shades was fake…..LOL XD

  44. doomfaced a écrit:

    @kittygirl216 sure,he DOES have nine lives.

  45. 123wildlink a écrit:

    ohh i didnt see the string tnks

  46. peppercakeman a écrit:

    cute cat! i mean cats!

  47. kittygirl216 a écrit:

    2:00 is that cat ok? he fell a long way!

  48. HorsesOny a écrit:

    Me and my kitty where watching this and to believe it or not she watched the WHOLE thing she was like staring at the screen LOL

  49. ThenYouKissMe a écrit:

    umm wtf is this music

  50. melijh a écrit:

    3:24 o: he is potty traind o. o lolz

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