Jemma is such a character. She really is like a kitten herself. She loves to play and perform. She can be so funny.
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  1. xXxAlyssaGemmaxXx dit :

    awwe her names the same as my middle name xD except mine’s spelt with a g not a j

  2. alexdmc4 dit :

    @kreynts In general… The cats can live 15 years !

  3. irenemarga dit :

    so cute :)

  4. Terrakinetic dit :

    « There’s bugs under the couch! » 0:25

  5. wass9009 dit :

    cute cat =)

  6. MarsW dit :

    Such beautiful cats! ^^

  7. MicheleMuir dit :

    Jemma is so beautiful, and so is your other cat! :-)

  8. mrhsinger dit :

    wow she looks alot like my himalayan kitten and acts like him too… im going to put a vid up of him playing soon

  9. ashpauls dit :

    aww reminds me of my sister’s cat. like a grown kitten hehe

  10. 2catloversandacat101 dit :

    haha that just made my day.

  11. gymlvr1010 dit :

    wohhh i thought that the cat mom was spazzing out when it jummpped up!

  12. spongiebungie dit :

    so cute mom showiing the littlies how to ‘hunt’ and stun’ their prey. ahhhhh 😉

  13. GamerPeach dit :

    She’s just like cats should be. 😛

  14. YouToobWatcher3 dit :

    @hank1231 Probably

  15. hank1231 dit :

    @YouToobWatcher3 oooo such a scathing retort, you must be a genuuis!

  16. YouToobWatcher3 dit :

    @hank1231 OK then here is a suggestion for you. Go and blow yourself.

  17. hank1231 dit :

    @YouToobWatcher3 that wasn’t a comeback, it was a suggestion.

  18. YouToobWatcher3 dit :

    @hank1231 WOW what a great comeback.

  19. partygirl209 dit :

    pretty kitties!!

  20. hank1231 dit :

    @YouToobWatcher3 you first

  21. YouToobWatcher3 dit :

    All cats must die!

  22. 372shadow dit :


  23. blazingkarlo dit :

    lol i think the cat went « OMG! WTF was that?! » in 0:27 lol

  24. dudupoopo dit :

    haha i have a cat named wobi our cats names ryme except shes a flame point himalayan u can look at my account i have a picture of her as my pic

  25. hobielover dit :

    Aww! Hobie is the same way (and he’s also a blue-point Himalayan). They seem like such lazy, sweet things, and then they go psycho. A minute later, they’re back to normal. 😀

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