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“Pieces” from the Album “Chuck” (2004) I recorded this cover together with my bro. Vocals and guitar by him, bass by me, we did the mixing together. This is of course not perfect, but don’t forget we recorded everything on our own in his room, just with Cubase LE. I hope you enjoy it, leave a comment or any suggestions.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Categories: Magie

25 Responses so far.

  1. JulianOnBass dit :

    yes, its true, something with the sounds went really wrong when we recorded it o.o

  2. Jarelk dit :

    The cover is good, and you guys can sing nice, but the echo makes it sounds as if you’re singing into a well, haha.

  3. LameNameWTF dit :

    nice vid bro, subbed

  4. youngguitarfreak94 dit :

    @LandonProduction its actually me ;D we did this song together but the vox are me

  5. LandonProduction dit :

    Sick Band!!! Is this you singing in it?

  6. flamingo197777 dit :

    nice music dude

  7. McCaslinNiina dit :

    cool video 😀

  8. Hippie1944 dit :

    Great Job Guys!! ***** Hippie

  9. jeanetterocks dit :

    This is really cool, kindve has an erie feel, the musics great!! Keep making vids, i like this, reminds me of MGMT a little bit :)

  10. RichterTV dit :

    nice cover

  11. ShrewBF2 dit :

    Omg Dad! <3
    best cover yet? 😀
    Your one skilled dad aye' 😀
    Kepp up the sexy work dad ;
    Your son ali :DD :] xxxx <33

  12. leohammondb3 dit :

    Wow this is a very nice song. you guys are great!

  13. MyTbradley dit :

    Cool Man…Good Job !!!!!! : )) Peace

  14. DebsFavouriteThings dit :

    Great song….thumbs up!!

  15. KenteHipHop dit :

    Great song! Clean vocals, great instrumentals. Keep it up!

  16. lalinsky dit :

    nice cover, reminds me Nirvana’s song

  17. seekanddestroyNL dit :


  18. ciijae dit :

    Amazing :)

  19. MarginalMedia dit :

    Goodness me, even the walls are going to start crying;-)
    This song is lovely, I wish you all the success in your future career, you have indeed the soul of musicians

  20. JoSieLove2Sing4u dit :

    Nice Job for the equipment your working with.
    I can tell you both like this song…….its cool lyrics.
    Perhaps if it was in *stereo* it would even sound better?
    I think you work well together……….yes, next time, please show
    yourself singing, this is much more enjoyable. ♫♥ to watch performance.

  21. Marcomemusic dit :

    Don’t we all try to be perfect..why? Times are crazy. Yes! 5*

  22. CruznVette dit :

    Very nice :))))

  23. ReDivaAmy dit :

    hej nice vid i like it 😀

  24. motd567 dit :

    nice one , rly liked it :)

  25. JulianOnBass dit :

    thanks my sharrkk 😀 <3

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